Date archive: July 2013

Keep Your Dog Healthy with a Dog Trot

One of the services we offer here at Mucky Pups Cardiff dog grooming is The Dog Trot.  Everyone knows just how much exercise dogs need to stay happy and healthy, and if your work schedule keeps you from giving your pooch the exercise he needs, then taking advantage of our service is the perfect option! …


Keeping your dog’s face beautifully clean

One perennial problem many dog owners face is the appearance of tear stains under their dog’s eyes. You may have noticed this with your Fur-Baby. No matter how much you try to keep them looking clean, those tear stains do have a habit of reappearing. That’s why our Blueberry and Vanilla Tear Stain Furcial is…


A well-kept dog is a happy dog

  Isn’t that just the complete truth? If you’ve ever treated your dog to a nice bath and wash, you’ll know how happy they are afterwards – not to mention how good they look. That’s one of the reasons why our dog groomers in Cardiff are kept incredibly busy providing spa treatments for all the…