The 7th Annual Victoria Park Charity Fun Dog Show

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The 7th Annual Victoria Park Charity Fun Dog Show

We hope everyone had a wonderful Bank Holiday weekend whatever you got up to! Sunday saw the 7th Annual Victoria Park Charity Fun Dog Show take place in Barry. This event is getting more popular than ever and because of the somewhat wet weather, if any of your lovely pooches got a bit muddy at the event, be sure to drop in to out Cardiff dog grooming salon for a good scrub!

One of the great things about events like this is that our dogs get a chance to socialise and meet other dogs – and people of course! As we’re sure you know, dogs are hugely sociable animals and love this kind of thing. Our Chepstow dog grooming salon is also a great place for our fur babies to mingle and meet new pals too. Pop along any time to make an appointment or just to take a look around if you haven’t seen us before.

Long weekends are of course great for long walks in the country and getting plenty of exercise. If you didn’t get a chance to go along to Victoria Park this weekend, perhaps you went for a nice long stroll around some woods or another park. Whatever you did, we hope you enjoyed it!

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