A very brief history of dog grooming

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A very brief history of dog grooming

Here at Mucky Pups, we consider ourselves to be the most modern dog grooming salon in Cardiff. However, if you have ever wondered how dog grooming began, it has a surprisingly long history. It all started way back in the Roman period when the Romans decided they would like to groom their poodles to represent lions. Emperor Augustus (27 B.C – A.D 14) was such a big fan that he even constructed monuments and tombs featuring poodles with their fancy grooms.

The poodle was the breed of choice for the Roman elite, but if we fast-forward to the 15th century, spaniels, Maltese terriers and bichons as well as poodles were all being groomed by the European elite. The Germans were also fond of grooming their dogs, but they had a preference for utility as well as style, which is why they chose to groom many of their working breeds, including ancient water dogs.

In the UK, the upper classes had also started grooming their dogs, and by the 1930s a number of dog grooming salons had opened in London offering egg yolk shampoos, coloured powders and massages.

If you still fancy getting a ‘lion clip’ for your poodle, or something more modern or practical, pop into our Chepstow dog grooming salon any time for an appointment.

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