Can your pooch go from Dogs to Wags?

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Can your pooch go from Dogs to Wags?

Mucky Pups are proud to offer you the top dog grooming service in Cardiff and if you check out the range of treatments we offer, you’ll know exactly what we mean. We love dogs so much that we have created a unique set of grooming experiences for the Fur-Baby on your life!

Dogs are very similar to people in many ways, when we both get older, we start to change in appearance. Your pooch is no longer the bouncy puppy he or she once was, and their fur usually starts to lose its lustre. We humans will either let it fall out or perhaps add some colour and hope nobody notices. So why not treat your faithful buddy to a human-like luxury treatment and return the favour for all of that unconditional joy they bring to each and every day?

Dogs to Wags is a bespoke grooming service that promises to revitalise your best buddy’s once luxurious mane back to its former glory. Our grooming team will apply the Pet Esthe Colour Restoration System to your lucky doggy’s coat and the results will astound both of you! You can choose from a wide range of shades that will soon have your Fur-Baby looking and acting a decade younger! If you like the sound of this wonderful and totally safe grooming treatment, simply pick up the phone and call Mucky Pups, the premier Cardiff dog groomers.

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