Creative Ideas for Dog Grooming

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Blog-images-03When you think about dog grooming, what comes to mind? Do you think of a basic process of washing, drying and brushing your pooch, or do you think of something more advanced?

Our Cardiff dog groomers is all about giving you the best result and treating your Fur-Baby to an amazing experience. So how about going all out for a Technicolour DogCoat treatment? Dog grooming in Cardiff has never been so eye catching, that’s for sure!

If you’ve never thought about colouring your Fur-Baby before, you might be wondering what on earth it’s all about. Well, we’re trained to provide colour treatments for your pooch so you could opt to go for a particular all over colour or choose something completely different instead. Take a look at the unusual and quirky result on our Technicolour DogCoat page and you’ll see what we mean!

We’ve performed semi-permanent colour effects on many different dogs for many different occasions. You wouldn’t believe how amazing they are until you try them for yourself. Your pooch could look sensational on its next birthday, or perhaps even sport a dramatic coloured coat for a special occasion or party. There’s no limit to what we can do, and the great thing is the colours can easily be washed out when you want your Fur-Baby to return to its normal state.

Go on, try it – it’s very tempting to see how your pooch would look, isn’t it?

This article was written by Mucky Pups