Did you know we Dog-Sit too?

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It’s important for any dog to spend time socialising with other people, and other dogs, and what better way to do so than by taking advantage of the Dog Sitting service offered by Mucky Pups Cardiff dog groomers?  Whilst your dog probably enjoys spending time with other dogs during their walk or at the park, our Dog Sitting service is a great opportunity for them to meet and play with other pampered pooches after their treatment.  Meeting other dogs is the best way for dogs to learn social skills and is particularly helpful if your dog gets nervous whilst on the lead or at the park, as socialising in a fun, relaxed space can help them to overcome their anxiety around strange dogs and other people.

Because our Cardiff dog groomers are experienced professionals, you can relax in the knowledge that your dog is having the time of their life playing with other pups, even if you’re going to be a bit late picking them up.  Play time for pooches at Mucky Pups is always fun, stimulating and exciting, and the ideal service for busy professionals, mums or anyone who lives a bit further from the salon.  Your dog will soon start look forward to their regular visit to Mucky Pups to see all their friends and enjoy being pampered for a couple of hours, and using our Dog Sitting service in conjunction with The Dog Trot dog walking service ensure you’ll come back to a beautifully groomed, happy and tired out pooch!

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