Is your dog living the high life?

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Is your dog living the high life?

At our Cardiff dog grooming salon we love to treat your little fur babies as royalty, but for those who want to take things a step further, there is now a holiday company specialising in the finest dog-friendly accommodation. The company is called Pets Pyjamas and says it has recently seen a huge increase in interest from people wanting dog-friendly travel options.

Because there are now more than 9 million dogs in UK, many hotels are now catering for owners who want to take their pet along with them on holiday. Some such accommodation options have taken things a step further by offering training sessions called Canine Etiquette Classes, as well as doggie room service and complimentary chew toys!

Pets Pyjamas say that people‚Äôs dogs are part of their family and many of their more well-to-do customers will book a two-night break in a five-star hotel, then a week’s holiday in a cottage by the sea in the summer. What lucky dogs they are!

We love the sound of this and if you are a regular at our Chepstow dog grooming salon you will already know we treat your little ones like our own family. Pop along to either of our salons for a friendly welcome and the best grooming service in town.

This article was written by Mucky Pups