Would your dog look good in a Technicolour DogCoat?

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Would your dog look good in a Technicolour DogCoat?

Here in the UK, we are a nation of real dog lovers and who can blame us? These adorable Fur-Babies give us unconditional love 24/7 and ask for so little in return. Here at Mucky Pups, the premier Cardiff dog groomers, we know all about treating your little buddies like true royalty. If you’ve ever wanted to go a little ‘Hollywood’ and change your pooch’s appearance a little, please take a look at our Technicolour DogCoat service.

This branch of creative dog treatment is still fairly rare in the UK, but we are proud to offer it at our Cardiff dog grooming salon. We utilise a harm-free dye and transform your lovely doggy into something rather spectacular. You can choose from the myriad of available shades that range from the sublime to the ‘double-take’ special.

You can brighten up the overall coat of your best buddy, or perhaps add a little punk-chic and check out those amazed stares on your next walkies. We have a team of fully trained groomers who will follow your instructions to the letter, or if you prefer, they can suggest some out of this world ideas. Just remember that this whole process is all about fun and each colour treatment is completely reversible.

This article was written by Mucky Pups