Doggy Day Care at our Risca dog grooming salon

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Doggy Day Care at our Risca dog grooming salon

When our newest salon opens in Risca on November 2nd we will have all of the services you have become familiar with at Cardiff and Chepstow. One service that will be unique to Risca, however, will be our brand new Doggy Day Care.

If you’re worried about your pup being left alone for too long at home, you can now bring him or her into us in Risca for a day of fun and frolics with other lovely dogs. There will be plenty to do with toys and activities that will keep your fur-baby happy for hours on end. And if he or she gets a bit too worn out from all that socialising there will be plenty of comfy beds to take a snooze on.

Dogs are about as sociable an animal as you will find, but dogs that are not used to others may struggle to know how to behave around them. This is another fantastic reason to bring your dog in us – the more time a dog spends around other dogs, the more they will enjoy it. If your dog gets a bit stressed out or unsure what to do when meeting other dogs on walks for example, Our Risca Doggy Day care may be just the solution.

This article was written by Mucky Pups