Doggy Wash Wednesday

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Doggy Wash Wednesday

Washing your own dog at home is rarely a pleasant experience for either you or your pet – everyone gets wet and grumpy and dogs’ skin and coat need careful treatment to keep it healthy. Why not pop along to Mucky Pups, the famous Cardiff dog groomers, on a Wednesday to take advantage of the special offer on that day. Our expert stylists will keep your pooch’s coat in tip top condition, with special attention being given to keeping matted areas away – in cold, damp weather these can be a real pain and all but impossible to deal with properly yourself. On our Was Wednesdays your pet will get a luxury hydro bath with a brush out and dry for these amazing bargain prices –

Extra small dogs – £10

Small dogs – £12

Medium dogs – £15

Large dogs – £20

Remember, we don’t just wash and go – we will check that your pet’s coat is clean and free of tangles, snarls and mats and will also make sure that the skin is clean and healthy. Dogs, especially the longer-haired breeds – can get very miserable when their coats are tangled and matted, so bring your fur-baby to our Cardiff dog-grooming salon on Wednesday to keep you both happy.



This article was written by Mucky Pups