Dogs need essential oils for a healthy coat and skin

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Dogs need essential oils for a healthy coat and skin

Some of our customers ask us for advice on how to keep their dog’s coat and skin healthy all year round. Just like with our own hair and skin, diet is very important and making sure your dog’s diet has enough omega oils in it will help a great deal.

Most high-quality dog foods will include omega-3 and 6 oils but cheap or budget brands often will not. Also, sometimes owners make their own dog food which is a great idea, but this also needs to have a balance formula to make it healthy for your dog. A homemade dog food with loads of meat for example may lack essential vitamins and minerals your dog needs.

At our Cardiff dog grooming salon we sometimes see dogs with slightly dull coats or dry skin. This could definitely be down to an omega-6 deficiency. Some vets recommend adding a small amount of sunflower oil to your dog’s food – just a teaspoon to one of your dog’s meals every day for a small dog and a tablespoon for a large dog.

Some of our Chepstow dog grooming salon customers have asked recently about healthy skin – in this case omega-3 may be in order. There are supplements available for dogs with skin trouble and it should be possible to see a difference after about six weeks of starting omega-3 supplementation. Of course, you should ask a vet first if you think your dog has an actual skin condition.

Feel free to ask us about healthy skin and coat for dogs when you see us next!

This article was written by Mucky Pups