Every pooch wants to be pampered!

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Every pooch wants to be pampered!

Everybody loves a treat and that goes double for our furry friends, so let’s talk about some special treatments for the little buddy in your life. Mucky Pups are Cardiff dog groomers with a little difference. Once you check out our myriad of pampering on offer for your pooch, you will see exactly what we mean. So when you decide that your Fur-Baby is looking a little ragged around the edges, why not give us a call and book them in for a Pampered Pooch treatment?

Your little buddy will be treated like a rock star during his or her stay at our Cardiff dog groomers and we’ll do our utmost to help them relax.

The Pampered Pooch treatment combines an aromatherapy session with a chilled out massage. Take our word for it, these little guys absolutely love the combination and they’ll be calmer than you’ve ever seen.

It is a fact that all breeds of dogs are at their most content when they are being cuddled and pampered. We’ll also help to strengthen your pooch’s coat with some bespoke aromatic oils that will really relax your Fur-Baby. So when you’d like to give a little of that unconditional love back to your hard working buddy, give Mucky Pups a call and you’ll be good to go.

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