Fancy a robot dog? No, nor us…

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Fancy a robot dog? No, nor us…

An animal welfare researcher called Dr Jean-Loup Rault seems to think that in just a few years many people will choose to have robot dogs instead of real ones! He even thinks that people will form real emotional bonds with their robo-dogs like people did with Tamagotchis in the 90s!

Here at Mucky Pups we’re pretty sure you’ll agree that this all sounds like nonsense – what could possibly replace the joy of your little fur baby running around the place? Also, how could you possibly replicate the pleasure of visiting your favourite Cardiff dog groomer once a month ;)

One of the main reasons Dr Rault sees real dogs going out of favour is the growing human population of the earth. He says that by 2050 there will be 10 billiion people on the planet and there just won’t be the room or resources for pets. What a sad state of affairs that would be! Apparently, in Japan the robot dog craze has already taken off with some owners becoming so attached that they even hold funerals for their ‘dogs’ when their circuits die (wouldn’t you just get it fixed?).

Back in the real world, if you’d like your very real dog to receive a top class groom, pop into either our Cardiff or Chepstow grooming salons for the best service in town!

This article was written by Mucky Pups