Does your fur-baby have swagger wagger?

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Does your fur-baby have swagger wagger?

Here at Mucky Pups, the premier Cardiff dog groomers, we believe we know a thing or twelve about doggies. We know how much love they bring to their equally lovely owners and that’s why we offer so many unique pampering options. Being licked by your Fur-Baby is something that can have differing results, and you probably know what we mean here.

‘Dog Breath’ is a phrase that was coined to describe people with a bit of an issue in the mouth hygiene department. And some of our lovely pooches probably deserve that reference, but it needn’t be that way. We offer a through teeth and gum cleaning treatment that is known fondly as ‘Swagger Wagga’.

Although smelly breath from your furry friend can sometimes mean that there are underlying health issues, more often than not it is down to the build-up of plaque on their teeth. If you are looking for dog groomers in Cardiff that can offer a really top-notch fresh breath treatment, you’ve just found them!

Our specialists employ a bespoke foam that will leave your faithful buddy’s mouth as clean as its owner’s. You can book your pooch in for this treatment as a one-off or perhaps you’d prefer to combine it with one of our other dog grooming services, the choice is yours!


This article was written by Mucky Pups