Give your little Fur-Baby Chihuahua Power!

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Give your little Fur-Baby Chihuahua Power!

One of our favourite breeds of dogs is the cheeky Chihuahua, and here at Mucky Pups, the Cardiff dog groomers, we have the perfect pampering present for the mini pooch in your life. Chihuahuas have never been as popular as they are now and their appeal is easy to understand.

These tiny little Fur-Babies are adorable, but due to their diminutive size, they need a little extra TLC in the pampering department. With this in mind, we have a special set of treatments for them, and these all go under the banner of Chihuahua Power.

All pooches love being pampered and these gorgeous guys and gals are no different. The Chihuahua Power pampering routine that we provide is tailored specifically to provide maximum luxury with minimum distress.

Once your little buddy has been brought into our Cardiff dog groomers, we will begin the process. We’ll combine nail clipping, anal gland cleaning, ear plucking and pad stripping, all in one fabulous package. To top this luxurious session off, we also have a bespoke range of Chihuahua clothing that will transform your mini best friend into something even more adorable. So, for that little King or Queen pooch in your life, give us a call and we’ll make them feel like a Great Dane.

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