Give Your Fur-Baby a Hydro-Bath for a Treat

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Blog-images-04If your mucky pup loves getting down and dirty whenever you go for a walk, it’s definitely a good thing to give them a bath now and again. But bathing them at home isn’t always ideal – and let’s face it, nothing beats a proper hydro- bath, does it? Our Cardiff dog groomers are ready and waiting to show you and your pooch just how amazing a proper bath can be. Would you like to find out?

Our dog groomers in Cardiff treat lots of different Fur-Babies to baths every single day. We’re happy to report they all love it! That’s because our Dog Wash isn’t just a normal bath – it’s a hydro-bath. Your pooch will get an amazing hydro-massage they’ll absolutely love, because it’ll keep them looking and feeling better than ever before.

What’s more, if your Fur-Baby has any skin conditions that aggravate them, or any evidence of fleas or ticks, they’ll all disappear thanks to the power of the hydro-bath. Your pooch will thank you for treating them to a proper bath, unlike anything you could provide for them at home. Don’t be too surprised if they look perkier and more excited than ever when they’re returned to you at the end of the treatment! You’ll undoubtedly want to book them in for another treat in the near future, thanks to the thrilled look they’ll have and the spring in their paws!

This article was written by Mucky Pups