Keep your pets safe on Bonfire Night

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Keep your pets safe on Bonfire Night

Cardiff dog grooming is our speciality at Mucky Pups but we want all of our furry friends to be happy all the time. That’s why we think it’s important to look after your pets on Bonfire Night.

Bonfire Night seems to have spread these days and there is a firework risk from around the middle of October until well after Christmas but November 5 is definitely still the biggest night of the year for whizzes and bangs. This is not a night to be out if you are a dog or cat and if you have caged animals out of doors they need a little TLC too. Cover the cage front with a blanket or similar cover, allowing for air to get in and if possible move the whole thing inside – a garage or shed is fine. Dogs and cats should be kept inside – there is no real argument about that. It is certainly not acceptable to take a dog to a firework display – they will be distressed by the noise, smell and the people; no amount of doggy treats in the shape of sausages in a bun can possibly counteract that. If your cat is put out at night, make an exception on November the fifth. Most displays are over by around ten, but if your cat can be persuaded to spend the night with a kitty litter tray, so much the better. The later the hour, the more likely it is that the fireworks will be in the hands of the less sensible members of the human race.

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