Keep Your Dog Healthy with a Dog Trot

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One of the services we offer here at Mucky Pups Cardiff dog grooming is The Dog Trot.  Everyone knows just how much exercise dogs need to stay happy and healthy, and if your work schedule keeps you from giving your pooch the exercise he needs, then taking advantage of our service is the perfect option!  Before or after your dog’s treatment, they’ll enjoy an exciting and tiring one hour walk around Roath Park with one of our Cardiff dog groomers.  This is not only the best way to tire out energetic pups, but also helps dogs of a nervous disposition to get to know their friendly dog groomer and relax before their pampering session begins.

Heading out for a stroll around the park with one of our experienced groomers after the pampering is complete is the perfect opportunity for dogs big and small to enjoy showing off their smart new look – they’ll be the envy of all the other dogs!  For busy professionals or those who might be late picking up their dog from our salon, The Dog Trot allows you a little flexibility, as you can be sure that your dog is having the time of their life on an exciting walk around the lake before you pick them up.

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