On the lead or off the lead?

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On the lead or off the lead?

We’re a funny old bunch, us dog owners. Of course we love our fur babies and would do anything for them, and this makes us very protective sometimes. This means that some of us are reluctant to let our dogs off the lead when we go out for walks. It often depends on how much you trust your dog not to run off with the first pretty pooch he or she lays eyes on, but certainly some of us are happier to let our dogs run free than others.

In Belfast, the local council is actually debating whether or not to have special dog enclosures within parks just for dogs to be allowed off the leash. A trial run has been very popular with dog owners there, and it looks like more pooches may be off the lead soon. Speaking of leads, do you know we have our own range of dog leads on sale at our Cardiff dog grooming salon? Chepstow too, remember ;)

How would you feel about having designated areas for dogs to be off their leads? Of course, it depends a bit on the breed of your dog – a Border Collie certainly needs more freedom than a Chihuahua! Why not pop into our Chepstow dog grooming salon for a chat about it – we’d love to hear your thoughts.

This article was written by Mucky Pups