Micro-Chip your fur-baby at Mucky Pups

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Your dog is one of the most valuable things that you own, whatever the financial cost happens to be. They bring Micro-chipped dogso much unconditional love into your home and never seem to ask for much in return. So it makes pretty good sense to ensure that, should your special friend ever become lost, you will always have a connection that be reunite you both.

We at Mucky Pups are the number one Cardiff dog groomers and we’re delighted to offer dog owners all over the UK the chance to safeguard your pet’s safety with a Micro-Chip service. If the unthinkable should ever happen, and your lovely Fur-Baby should become lost, this would increase the chances of a safe reunion by a thousand percent.

You’ve probably heard about how some pet dogs are being targeted by thieves, perish the thought. So ensure that your bundle of joy never joins those statistics and help us to help you both.

We use the company ‘Pet Detect’ to carry out this simple and painless procedure. They are recommended by the RSPCA and we’re fully insured to oversee this important step in your pooch’s security.

If you have thought about Micro-Chipping and are ready to take your pet’s safety seriously, please give us a call and we’ll be delighted to help because Mucky Pups are Cardiff dog groomers with a little bit extra on top!


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