Mucky Pups Blog Launch!

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Blog-images-01Yes it’s true – we’re launching a brand new blog for you to read and enjoy every time you visit our site. This is where you’ll be able to find out more about new products and spa services for your Fur-Baby at our Cardiff dog groomers. We’ll share all kinds of thoughts, experiences and insights into our business here in Cardiff. We’d love you to get involved and read our posts as well as commenting on them if you have any ideas or suggestions to share. Don’t be shy! We can’t wait to hear from you.

We’ll share some of our experiences and favourite treatments for your doggy here too. Did you know we have some unique treatments including The Dogfather, Bark and Go and even a Pawdicure? Oh yes, we go to great lengths not just to give our treatments great names, but to ensure they make your Mucky Pups look cleaner and healthier than ever. One of our favourites has to be the Claudia Schniffer treatment. Take a look and see what it’s all about!

All in all, our blog is the perfect reason to revisit our website time and time again. If we’re planning a discount, new treatment or anything else we think might interest you and your Fur-Baby, this is the place where we’ll announce it. So find out more about our dog grooming in Cardiff now, and come back soon for more information!

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