Our new range of Mucky Pups harnesses is now in stock!

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Our new range of Mucky Pups harnesses is now in stock!

We are happy to announce we have a new range of dog harnesses available at all three of our salons – and what a selection it is! As you can see from the pictures below, these Mucky Pups branded harnesses are as glamourous as it gets and if you want your fur-baby to stand out in a crowd, this is the outfit to go for!

Not only do our harnesses look fantastic but they are also made with safety in mind and constructed to last for years and years. Take a look next time you drop by our Cardiff, Chepstow or Risca dog grooming salons to pick one out for your beloved pooch, or why not buy one as a Christmas gift for a dog-crazy friend or relative?

Speaking of which, we also currently provide a Christmas photo shoot service at Mucky Pups where you can have a professional photo of your pooch taken and printed onto a quality canvas to hang on your wall. You can opt for a Christmas-themed backdrop or another style to give you a shot that captures your dog’s personality perfectly.

Call or email any time for more info about any of our services.

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