Some puppy care tips for between grooms

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Some puppy care tips for between grooms

We sometimes get asked when it is OK to start grooming a puppy, and also at what age can you start bathing a puppy. The answer is that grooming can start right away and if your pup is looking a bit scruffy, he or she will benefit from a tidy up and groom any time. At out Cardiff dog grooming salon we groom all ages of dogs from little pups to old timers with just as much care and attention.

As for bathing, some people believe that you shouldn’t bathe a pup under six months old, but again, this is not true. If your puppy is dirty or has that wet dog smell, it is perfectly OK to give your puppy a warm bath with dog shampoo. Of course, a dog that has been bathed and groomed from a young age will also find it totally normal and will enjoy it as a regular activity as they get older too.

Brushing is also important and if you start this at a young age the puppy will see it as simply another kind of petting, and of course, probably a bit of a game too! Brushing your puppy or adult dog removes dead and matted hair, dirt and burrs and will only serve to have a good effect on your dog’s skin and hair.

We provide a full nail trimming service at out Cardiff and Chepstow dog grooming salons but if you feel your puppy’s nails are a bit too long or sharp, giving them a little snip every four to six weeks is a good idea.

Drop by any time to book your full groom and we will be happy to help!

This article was written by Mucky Pups