Reduce shedding and cleanse your dog’s coat with the Furminator!

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Reduce shedding and cleanse your dog’s coat with the Furminator!

Dogs are great, and they give so much and ask so little in return, plus they come in all shapes and sizes. Here at Mucky Pups, Cardiff dog groomers, we love helping owners to pamper their Fur-Babies. If your little buddy is a little on the hairy side, why not give him or her a lift with our bespoke pampering treatment known as The Furminator?

When your pooch has a heavy coat that sheds plenty of hair, it can be a real issue keeping the family home nice and clean. Well, we have done a little research on the reasons for this moulting and have developed a really clever solution.

The Furminator helps to lessen the amount of hair that your best friend loves shedding all over your carpet and 3 piece suite. Mucky Pups will also ensure that your pooch’s skin gets a great cleansing at the same time. The all-important natural oils are not interfered with and you are left with a very slick looking pooch that won’t ruin that new Axminster.

Mucky Pups are the number one dog groomers in Cardiff and we are proud to offer the most complete set of pampering services you are ever likely to see. So come on over and don’t forget to bring your best buddy along for the time of his or her life!

This article was written by Mucky Pups