A regular groom is the best groom

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A regular groom is the best groom

One of the great things about daily life at our Cardiff dog grooming salon is that we love seeing familiar faces coming through the door. So many of our customers are regulars (or soon will be!) and we love getting to know you and your fur babies personally. And this really is the best thing to do when it comes to getting your dog groomed – do it on a regular basis.

We know it’s tempting to say ‘Well, I can give it another couple of weeks…’ but to keep your dog’s coat in the best condition, it really is a good idea to schedule regular grooms. Depending on the breed of your dog, once a month is usually the best plan, that way the coat never gets too far out of control and of course you dog gets into the routine too.

The same goes for visitors to our Chepstow dog grooming salon too. We see the same customers and their lovely pets on a regular basis and it’s no wonder so many of you tell us your dog has never been happier with a groomer.

If it’s about time your pooch needs a trim, give us a ring today to arrange some special pampering.

This article was written by Mucky Pups