Remember the importance of dog micro-chipping!

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Remember the importance of dog micro-chipping!

With all of the excitement that comes with getting a new dog – especially a puppy – sometimes it’s easy to forget the little things like getting your new pup micro-chipped. Of course, most vets will remind you to get it done when you go in for the first vaccinations, but if you do forget, remember that you can also have it done at our Cardiff dog grooming salon.

Did you recently hear about the dog that was found on top of Scafell Pike – the highest peak in England – by two Scottish hikers? The dog was all on its own and very scared. The Scottish couple did their best to find the owner but when they couldn’t they only had one choice left – to take it home to Scotland. Unfortunately, the dog was not micro-chipped and therefore they had no idea who it belonged to. After some publicity in national newspapers and on the internet, the owner came forward. The owner is a local sheep farmer and said that the dog – called Sid – must have took off after a bitch in heat. He did not say why the dog was not micro-chipped however.

Don’t forget you can also pop in to our Chepstow dog grooming salon for this service. Get it done before it’s too late!

This article was written by Mucky Pups