Spa Services

We wanted to create a warm and welcoming but stylish pet spa for your Fur-Baby. Using only luxury pet spa products, your dog will leave looking great on the outside and feeling good on the inside.

Located just a short walk from Roath Park in Cardiff and a very short walk from the town centre in Chepstow we are able to take your Fur-Baby on excursions before grooming treatments as part of our Luxury Spa Days.


The Dogfather

This deluxe full groom treatment includes:

  • Dead hair removal
  • Ear cleansing and plucking
  • Anal glands cleansing (if required)
  • shampoo and conditioner
  • A finishing dry
  • Nail and paw trim
  • A Pawdicure
  • Coat styling to pet parents choice
  • Finished with doggy cologne and a cute bandana.

The Dogfather of all grooms leaves your dog looking good on the outside and feeling good on the inside.  Read more.


To keep your fur baby in the safest hands Micro-Chipping is essential.

If your pet got lost or stolen this service would enable you to be reunited again.

Mucky Pups is fully qualified and insured to carry out the service and we use the company “Pet Detect” also used by the RSPCA.

We can also chip other small animals such as cats, ferrets etc.

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Bark and Go

This treatment is designed to keep your dog’s coat in top condition between full grooms, particularly effective on long haired or double coated breeds.

This includes:

  • Dead hair removal
  • Water-less shampoo
  • A full brush out of the coat to remove and prevent matting.

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The Dog Wash

The Dog Wash is designed to keep your Mucky Pups clean from the skin out.

In our luxury hydro-bath; your dog will receive a hydro-massage and deep cleanse and condition whilst being bathed in a choice of various aromatic spa salts, followed by a finishing dry.

This treatment helps to alleviate any skin conditions, flea and tick problems, removes dry dead skin cells, flea eggs and other soot and small particles embedded in the skin.

This will leave your dog’s coat looking healthier and even feeling lighter, it promotes healthy skin and allows for better blood circulation and relieving of tired muscles.

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Blueberry and Vanilla Tear Stain Furcial

    Does your Fur-Baby’s tear stains bring a tear to your eye?

Our mild yet concentrated, lightly foaming Furcial cleanser made from a refreshing blend of Vanilla and Blueberry effectively removes dirt and tear stains, and will not sting eyes.

Great for all skin types and all ages of pets and makes your dog look like bright eyed and bushy tailed again.

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    Do you have a special occasion coming up with your Fur-Baby?

Treat your dog to a fun and harm-free Pawdicure that adds some colour to the nails that will make your dog stand out from the pack.

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Luxury Pawdicure

    Is your Dog a Diva and only the best good enough?

Our Luxury Pawdicure is a therapeutic treatment that leaves your dog’s paws and nails feeling soft as a puppy’s.

We start by getting rid of all the nasty bacteria hidden in the paw and then emerge the paws into a deep cleansing fizz bubble bath to remove all dirt and debris. The paws will then be soaked into Vanilla and Milk Thistle bubbles enriched with bath oils to soften paws. The dead skin will then be removed from the paw and Grapeseed Oil will be massaged into the pad. The nails will be cut and buffed and painted to the colour of your choice and jazzed up with Diamante’s to put the spring back in their step.

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Claudia Schniffer

If you want the Top Dog Model look, treat your dog to to a stylish Sparkle treatment.

We will lightly cover the coat with a sparkling glitter making your dog the envy of the “Catwalk.”

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Swagga Wagga

    Does your dog have swag?

Our Swagga Wagga fresh breath treatment thoroughly cleans the teeth and gums and removes plaque accompanied by a specially formulated tasty foam which leaves their breathe smelling minty fresh.

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Dogs to Wags

This treatment will transform pets from Dogs to Wags.

The Pet Esthé Colour Restoration System is a revolutionary new pet product that works to restore the original colouring of the coat that has faded due to ageing and UV rays, leaving your dog looking as fresh as a puppy again.

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Fruit Furcial

Our fruity Cucumber Melon Foaming Furcial is formulated with all-natural ingredients to cleanse, brighten and help remove tear stains.

This will leave your dogs face looking revitalised and smelling of a luxurious fruity scent.

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Muddy Pups

    Do you have a little muddy pup that enjoys running through the
    mud and puddles?

We have a luxury Mud Thalassotherapy system that consists of specially formulated mud from various regions of the worlds mixed with seaweed extracts ingredients to maintain healthy skin and coat.

Since ancient times mud has been used to treat chronic illnesses and its use has now been extended to pet beauty to give the skin and coat a healthy finish.

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Pampered Pooch

    Is your dog partial to a bit of pampering?

Our aromatherapy system is an aesthetic system that combines a high level of aromatherapy and massage.

We use a combination of various aromatic oils and coat strengthening ingredients which will not only heal and soothe your pet and improve its coat, but also build on their relationship with their designated Mucky Pups Aunty.

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Chihuahua Power

    Does your dog need some Chihuahua Power?

We also offer basic services for nail clipping, anal glands cleansing, pad stripping, and ear plucking.

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Technicolour DogCoat

    Does your dog like being centre of attention?

If the answer is yes, we have the pawfect treatment for you Fur-Baby. Our Mucky Pups team of colour technicians can creatively colour and transform your dogs coat, just for fun and harm-free for your pet.

If you want your dog to be a different colour for a special occasion and stand out on the street then this is for you.

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The Furminator

    Do you want to get rid of those loose hairs once and for all?

Our shedding treatment will reduce shedding whilst cleansing your dog, all without stripping the coat of its natural oils.

Put down the hoover and book your Fur-Baby in for the Furminator.

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Mary Puggins

    Does your dog need a spoonful of conditioner to help it
    gleam and shine?

If so we have the pawfect medicine for this in a treatment consisting of a highly concentrated coat conditioning potion that hydrates your dogs coat and skin.

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The Dog Trot

    Would you like your Fur-Baby to stretch its legs before or after
    their treatments at Mucky Pups?

If so let us know and we will let your dogs trot around Roath Park for an hour of doggy fun and exercise.

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Dog Sitting

    Would you like your dog to play with the other Mucky Pups
    guests for an hour or two after their treatments?

Our Dog Sitting service allows you Fur-Baby to interact with other dogs whilst being cared for by the Aunty’s at Mucky Pups.

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    Finding it difficult to get the pawfect pet portrait?

Why not try our in house Pawdographer, who will take some glamorous shots of your Model Dog in our Pawdography Corner on our French Vintage Chairs. If you prefer a more natural shot we can also take shots of your Fur-Baby in our beautiful dog houses or even on our Mucky Pups blankets. Let us know your personal requirements.

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Spa Services

The spa services we offer at Mucky Pups are so extensive that there is sure to be something for everyone’s Fur-Baby. Our treatments range from The Dogfather, a full luxury dog groom, to the Claudia Schniffer, a glitter coat spray with a sparkling finish.

We love the fact that we are Wales’ first Dog Spa and Boutique and offer the best dog grooming services around. Our dog spa is the perfect place for your pet to unwind and receive a luxury pampering session. We always make sure your Fur-Baby is relaxed and calm so the dog grooming experience is an enjoyable one.


Many of our Cardiff dog grooming services are tailor made to ensure your dog loves their time with us and they will certainly love our special hydro-bath which gives a relaxing massaging effect whilst washing. With the ever popular Blueberry and Vanilla Furcial and the Fruit Furcial available for those breeds susceptible to tear stains, and the Chihuahua Power treatment, you can be sure that your Fur-Baby will benefit from at least one of our specific services and treatments. Many of our treatments can be used in conjunction with each other, ensuring your pet looks and feels his or her very best.