Bark & Go

The Bark and Go is the perfect treatment for your pooch between their full grooms. If you treat your Fur-Baby to a Dogfather once a month at our Cardiff dog groomers then this will help maintain that ‘just groomed’ look with a small range of services designed to get your dog looking amazing.

The Bark and Go treatment is especially effective on breeds with long hair or a double coat as they can get matted very easily. Your Fur-Baby will undergo dead hair removal to ensure a shiny coat, a water-free shampoo to get that clean look back and a complete brush of the coat to make sure your pooch is matt free and looking as fabulous as they did when they had their deluxe groom. The Bark and Go is the perfect complimentary service to use in between your Dogfather appointments at our Cardiff dog grooming spa. This type of dog grooming is perceived as a top-up and shouldn’t replace a full dog groomer session.

There are many other treatments that can be used in conjunction with the Bark and Go such as The Dog Wash and the very popular Furcial to ensure your Fur-Baby looks and feels their best.