Technicolour DogCoat

Creative dog grooming is the new trend and an easy way to help your dog stand out on the street. Our Mucky Pups dog groomers in Cardiff offer the Technicolour DogCoat treatment which involves harm-free creative dying for your pet. Your dogs coat can easily be transformed into a work of art with a huge range of colours available, so just use your imagination!

Many white breeds of dog can be dyed very easily and can benefit from brightly coloured feet, a dipped tail or perhaps different coloured ears. Any dog can be dyed and coloured creatively though, so you can always bring your pet in for a consultation. You could go all the way and dye your entire dog a completely different colour! This is the perfect way to get your pooch noticed, whether you would like a colour treatment for a special occasion or just for a bit of fun. Our Cardiff dog groomers are trained as colour technicians and have lots of experience in colouring pets. It’s great to do something different, and as our dyes are semi-permanent, you can always have The Dog Wash to remove any colour you dislike.