Claudia Schniffer

If you feel your pampered pooch needs extra pampering or a very special treat then the Claudia Schniffer could be just what you need. The Claudia Schniffer is the perfect way to get your dog looking stylish and glamorous. This treatment involves our top Cardiff dog groomers covering your dogs coat in a light, sparkling glitter which will truly make your pooch look like a Top Dog Model. Not only will this special process get your Fur-Baby looking great, but he or she will also be feeling on top of the world with all the extra attention they will be getting.

The Claudia Schniffer dog grooming treatment is perfect for special occasions when you need your pet to look fabulous, or perhaps just to brighten up your day. Many choose this option for weddings, parties and even dog shows for that added touch of glamour. Your pet will shine from the inside and really enjoy this very special spa treatment in a relaxing environment. A glittering, sparkling coat is the perfect finish and will add a great end result to any of our Cardiff dog grooming options, especially after the luxurious Dogfather full dog groom.