Dogs to Wags

As dogs age, their fur tends to lose its vibrancy and can become dull and lifeless. Our Dogs to Wags treatment can revitalise your dog’s colour, making him or her as beautiful as they were as a puppy. Our Mucky Pups Cardiff dog groomers use the Pet Esthé Colour Restoration System to ensure your dog’s coat is shiny, vibrant and gorgeous. This innovative new product is highly recommended for dogs that have a faded coat due to age or UV rays.

Our dog groomers in Cardiff have a wide range of colours available to suit any breed and will ensure the end result is perfect. Turn your dog into a wag and watch how happy they become. The Dogs to Wags option will make them look young and full of life, making them look good on the outside and feel good on the inside. All treatments are carried out by our fully trained dog groomers in a relaxed and caring environment. The Dogs to Wags treatment is perfect after a full Dogfather dog grooming session and will make your dog look ten years younger! The colouring will not last forever and will need re-colouring now and again to restore your dog’s true vibrancy.