Fruit Furcial

Breeds such as the Maltese, Bichon Frise and Poodle are prone to tear stains. Tear stains are brown or red staining around the eyes that can be very unsightly and can often be left untreated by many dog groomers. Tear stains occur due to excessive tear production and a build up of porphyrin; a pigment that is found in tears. There are many solutions available to remove these tear stains, but many of the products found in pet shops just do not work.

Our revolutionary Fruit Furcial treatment provided by our qualified Cardiff dog groomers will rid your poor pooch of these tear stains, revitalising and refreshing their furry faces. Our Fruit Furcial contains cucumber and melon and creates a gorgeous foam with natural ingredients. This is applied and massaged into the tear stained areas on your Fur-Baby by our dog groomers in Cardiff. Any trace of dirt is carefully washed away and the sting-free solution ensures the tear stains are removed. The difference in your dog’s face will be instant and both you and your pet will be very pleased with the results. This treatment is wonderful accompanied with The Dog Wash and with the Dogfather full dog grooming treatment.