Luxury Pawdicure

The Luxury Pawdicure has all the benefits of our basic Pawdicure, but with many more. It is very important to us as Cardiff dog groomers that your dog’s feet are looked after as they do spend all day walking on them! Keeping their nails neatly clipped and filed is essential to prevent snagging and discomfort. Paws can become cracked and sore over time and due to the grooves, they can easily harbour bacteria.

Our Luxury Pawdicure dog grooming treatment offers a relaxing and therapeutic treatment that will leave your pooch’s paws feeling like a puppy’s again. Your Fur-Baby’s paws will be soaked in a cleansing bath to help remove any trapped dirt after the elimination of the bacteria in the grooves of the paws. The paws will then be softened with a Vanilla and Milk Thistle treatment and exfoliated. Grapeseed Oil is then applied to soften and moisturise the paws. Nails will be trimmed, filed and painted a colour of your choice. Diamante’s can be added to the nails as a glitzy and glamorous way to help your dog stand out from the crowd. This Cardiff dog groomer treatment will also ensure the nerves in the paws are kept active and healthy.