Mary Puggins

If your dog’s coat is looking lacklustre, dull and lifeless then bring him or her in for the Mary Puggins at our Mucky Pups Cardiff dog groomers. This amazing treatment involves a potent conditioning potion that gets deep into your dog’s roots and hydrates from within the fur. Your dog’s skin and fur will become sleek, smooth and soft with a vibrant shine after this glorious dog grooming treatment. This fantastic and highly concentrated mixture is perfect for revitalising a dull coat and giving it that beautiful sheen it once had when your Fur-Baby was a puppy.

It is important to treat your pooch now and again and what better way that the Mary Puggins. Not only will your dog be looking fantastic on the outside, but he or she will feel great on the inside with all the extra attention they will be getting! Our Cardiff dog groomers are very well trained and completely qualified when it comes to grooming dogs and will ensure that your pooch gets the very best treatment in a relaxed and calm environment. Your dog will love the attention he or she gets from our staff and will come out smelling gorgeous, looking and feeling great.