It is a sad fact that many pets are lost every year and are not reunited with their owners. Micro-Chipping can change that. Being responsible dog groomers in Cardiff, we at Mucky Pups offer this essential procedure so you can feel at ease knowing that your Fur-Baby is protected. Micro-Chipping is the only safe way to ensure your Fur-Baby can be returned to you if he or she should ever go missing. Collars and tags can easily fall off but the Micro-Chip is inserted under the skin. This chip can be easily scanned and traced immediately back to you.

The dog groomers at Mucky Pups are fully trained and insured to carry out Micro-Chipping and can also Micro-Chip your other small pets including cats and ferrets. Qualified staff in this unique Cardiff dog grooming spa will ensure your Fur-Baby is completely relaxed throughout the procedure and will help you register your details with ‘Pet Detect’, the Micro-Chipping company also used by the RSPCA. Your Fur-Baby will have his or her own unique code so if your little one does get lost you can have peace of mind knowing that it is much more likely for your pet to be returned to you.