Muddy Pups

This treatment is great for dogs that love rolling around in the mud. If you have a dog that can’t get enough of running through puddles and getting as dirty as possible then treat them to the Muddy Pups treatment at our Cardiff dog groomers. This luxury spa treatment goes a long way with a Mud Thalassotherapy system that helps to revitalise your dog’s coat and skin. Your dog is guaranteed to be glowing after this miracle treatment!

The formula used by our dog groomers in Cardiff is composed of many types of specially formulated mud from around the world, combined with seaweed extracts. Your dog will have the chance to play in this mud and get absolutely covered in it, whilst receiving all the health benefits so you know your pet will really enjoy this treatment. Mud is known for having great effects on skin and hair and has been used since ancient times to treat ill health. Humans have mud baths to accentuate beautiful skin and now dogs can too. The Muddy Pups dog grooming treatment will leave your Fur-Baby with a shiny coat and soft skin, helping them feel good on the inside too.