If you fancy something different then why not treat your Fur-Baby to a Pawdicure? As a dog owner, you’ll realise how it important it is to ensure your pup is groomed from head to toe, and as dog groomers, we want to provide every treatment necessary to get your Fur-Baby looking her or his best. The Pawdicure is perfect for a special occasion or simply as a routine service for your pet at our Cardiff dog groomers.

It isn’t always about looking your best though; sometimes treatments like these are great for health reasons too. Much like humans, dogs need treating too and as they spend all day on their feet you can imagine that their paws might become a little stressed. It is essential that your dog’s nails are clipped regularly so that there is no discomfort when they are walking around. Filing is also equally as important as you don’t want your pooch’s nails to snag which can cause your pooch pain. Our Pawdicure treatment ensures your Fur-Baby’s nails are perfectly clipped, beautifully filed and fabulously painted a colour of your choice. The polishes we use are non-toxic and will not harm your furry friend. The Pawdicure is included in our deluxe Dogfather Cardiff dog grooming service.