Swagga Wagga

It is an unfortunate truth that many dogs have smelly breath. Sometimes this can hint towards an underlying health problem, but if your pooch just needs to freshen up then the Swagga Wagga treatment is perfect so you can show off your dog’s pearly whites. Plaque is often the big problem when it comes to dog breath and in this case your dog will need a professional cleaning which we can provide at our dog groomers in Cardiff.

Our dog groomer’s fresh breath treatment is very thorough and will extensively clean your Fur-Baby’s teeth and gums. Say goodbye to plaque and dog breath and say hello to a clean mouth with a minty freshness. The special foam that our Cardiff dog groomers use will ensure your dog leaves with a gorgeous smelling minty breath. You will notice the difference as soon as you collect your beloved pet, and your pet will be much happier for it. This is a great treatment to book before a Dog Show or a special occasion, or even if your dog’s breath is too much to handle. The Swagga Wagga is the perfect accompaniment to any of our dog grooming services.