The Dog Trot

If you’ve booked in for any of our treatments at Mucky Pups Cardiff dog grooming then you may want to take advantage of The Dog Trot. This entails an exciting and tiring one hour walk around Roath Park for excellent fun and exercise. One or two of our Cardiff dog groomers will take your dog around the lake to ensure that they are completely exercised either before or after your specified treatment, or treatments. This is also a great option for those who are perhaps too busy to walk their pets that day and would like a trustworthy person to do it for them.

Sometimes even pampered pooches can get a little nervous before a dog grooming session and The Dog Trot can help calm them down and build a bigger bond between your Fur-Baby and his or her designated groomer. Sometimes pooches can be a little too excited after their groom so they may appreciate a long, tiring walk when their groom has finished, especially as they can show off their new look! If you need extra time to pick your dog up from us then The Dog Trot could be perfect as you know your dog is getting the best treatment possible.