The Dog Wash

The Dog Wash is the perfect way to make sure your Fur-Baby is completely clean after a long walk or perhaps in between your full dog grooming appointments. Your pooch will be treated to our luxury hydro-bath which will massage your dog whilst washing, allowing for a stress-free and relaxing experience. Your Fur-Baby will then receive a deep cleanse and condition with the finest of products whilst being bathed in aromatic sea salts; pure luxury!

Treat your mucky pup to the finest Cardiff dog groomer experience and allow us to get your pooch feeling their best. The Dog Wash helps dogs with sensitive skin and skin problems, rids of fleas and ticks and helps exfoliate dry skin cells and other small particles that can leave traces on the skin. Your Fur-Baby will then be treated to a glorious blow-dry and you’ll certainly notice the difference! The Dog Wash is simply perfect for mucky pups. Giving your dog a bath can be tricky so leave the hard work up to our dog groomers in Cardiff. We’ll make sure your pooch is clean right down to the skin and feeling fresh. The Dog Wash is just part of our Dogfather dog grooming experience.