The Furminator

If your dog is a heavy shedding breed then The Furminator could be just what you have been looking for. Dogs that tend to malt lots of fur can be a complete nightmare when it comes to keeping your house clean, but fear not, we have a solution to your problem. Mucky Pups Cardiff dog groomers presents to you, The Furminator. This is a spectacular treatment which helps reduce the amount your dog sheds whilst at the same time cleansing your dog’s hair and skin. The best thing about this dog grooming treatment is that the natural oils that coat the fur are not removed and so the fur that is left behind is in excellent condition.

You will notice that after your pooch has experienced The Furminator, your dog’s coat will be soft, shiny and smooth with minimal shedding. Give your hoover a rest and try this innovative service with the best dog groomers in Cardiff. This will not only make your dog look great but it will really benefit you and your home due to the huge reduction in malting. This treatment is great in conjunction with The Dog Wash or the luxurious Dogfather.