A few of our treatments you may not know about…

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A few of our treatments you may not know about…

Many of our Cardiff dog grooming customers visit us on a regular basis for The Godfather – our complete dog grooming service. Others pop in for a Bark and Go which is a great treatment to keep your dog looking tidy in-between full grooms. But do you know about some of these service we offer?:

Swagga Wagga – Now don’t take this personally, but your fur-baby may have stinky breath now and again. This is just a fact of doggy life, but fear not, we can sort this out for you. This service will improve gum health and get rid of any plaque build-up leaving a pleasant minty smell.

The Furminator – This is a service for breeds with heavy shedding that lose a lot of hair. This treatment reduces the amount of hair that is shed, whilst leaving important natural oils in the fur for a healthy and soft coat.

The Claudia Schniffer – For an extra special occasion why not turn your fur-baby into a doggy supermodel with this glamourous service? Your dog will be left with a sparkling coat and looking on top of the world.

These services and so many more are also available at our Chepstow dog grooming salon so pop along any time for a chat or to make an appointment.

This article was written by Mucky Pups