Try our perfect treatment for Muddy Pups

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Try our perfect treatment for Muddy Pups

Have you ever noticed that when your pet dog is at its muddiest, it’s also at its most happiest? We don’t know why this is, but as the top Cardiff dog groomers, we at Mucky Pups are delighted to offer a quick solution to this dizzy dilemma. Perhaps this is why we love those cheeky pooches so much, their naughty but nice attitude is so addictive.

But for those times when you’ve decided that enough is simply enough and you need a quick fire solution to the muddy mutt in your life, please give us a call and bring them right over. Our Muddy Pups pampering treatment is absolutely spot-on for dealing with a dirty doggy who just can’t say no to those deep puddles.

Cardiff dog groomers, Mucky Pups, have 20 different grooming services on offer for dog lovers everywhere. For those mischievous Fur-Babies that need some deep cleaning, we recommend the Muddy Pups treatment.

We will use a Mud Thalassotherapy system to coax out the dried mud from your pooch’s coat and they’ll have the time of their life. But unbeknownst to your favourite pal, we’ll also rinse all of the good stuff away, leaving you with a thoroughly clean and extremely chilled out little chappy!

This article was written by Mucky Pups