Turn your pooch into the Dogfather!

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We all love a lively walk with our best friend – it’s truly one of life’s simple pleasures. Even at this time of the year, Dogfatheryour pooch will be constantly reminding you to grab the lead and head off across those muddy parks and fields, whatever the weather. But sometimes, wouldn’t it be nice to repay that unconditional love with something truly special?

Here at Mucky Pups, the premier Cardiff dog groomers, we are proud to offer a luxury treatment known only as ‘The Dogfather’. Your little buddy will receive the ultimate in grooming services and will leave our spa looking like a Hollywood A-lister.

We will ensure that your lovely pooch has the pampering of his or her life and we’ll attend to every single grooming need possible. From the bespoke double shampoo, right through to the doggy cologne and beautiful bow, we promise to transform your Fur-baby into the cleanest and most gorgeous canine on your block.

If you have a particularly busy day, why not allow us to walk your little ball of fun before the grooming spectacular and we’ll even include a scrumptious ‘Doggy Bag’ into the whole luxury treatment.

We are the number one dog groomers in Cardiff and the only thing that we can’t guarantee is that your beautiful doggy will stay this clean in the future!


This article was written by Mucky Pups