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We always get asked how do you get the dogs so soft and clean? What special shampoo, tools or techniques do you use? Although we do use an amazing shampoo to get the dogs clean and soft, we also have a brilliant hydro-massage bath.
This hydro-massage bath is one of the best things you can have in a salon! We only use hydro-massage baths in all 3 of our stores in Cardiff, Chepstow & Risca, as we believe they are the best and both the dogs and the owners only deserve the best quailty!
This bath allows us to wash the dogs right down to the skin. It blasts off any dead skin cells and dirt, so nothing is left behind. It also blast through the thickest of dog coats to allow every single strand of fur to be immaculately cleaned. As each strand of fur is able to be blasted clean it allows us to get the dogs coat looking soft and shiny and even softer to touch! This bath cannot be compared to any other bath and gives the best results everytime. Thanks to this amazing bath we are able to groom each dogs coat into the most beautiful grooms with the most gorgeous finish.
Want to try this and find out for yourself? Just give any of our 3 stores a call & make an appointment! Our Risca dog groomers, Cardiff dog groomers and Chepstow dog groomers can not wait to meet you and your furbabies!20170307_162311

This article was written by Mucky Pups