Why Micro Chipping is Important

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Blog-images-05It’s a horrible question to pose, but what would you do if your pooch went missing? The fact is we hear of many Fur-Babies who go missing throughout the year, and not all of them come back to their owners or are ever found.

The good news is that here at our Cardiff dog grooming service we not only offer pampering spa treatments, we also offer micro chipping. Whenever an apparent stray pooch is found, one of the first things to happen is a scan. This scan will pick up a micro chip if there is one implanted under the skin, and if there is one, it will have all the owner’s details on it.

Your Fur-Baby won’t be able to tell the person who finds it where you are or how you can be contacted. And you can’t rely on a collar or ID tag either, because it could get snagged or lost if your dog goes astray.

The great thing about a properly inserted micro chip is no one knows it is there until it is scanned. It doesn’t hurt your pooch and it can’t go missing. It just stays there and it’ll ensure your dog is returned to you if they should ever go missing for any reason. So keep your pooch safe and sound thanks to our Cardiff dog groomers. We’re trained and ready to make sure you always get your dog back.

This article was written by Mucky Pups